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Sociale Hygiëne Engels

Course duration
1 day (9:00 a.m. till 18:00 p.m.)

2 locations

Every month

SVH Sociale Hygiene

SVH Sociale Hygiëne

Course fee
€ 495,-

1-day course Social Responsibility

The total costs for this course are € 495,00 per person. In this price is included: Course fee (€ 220,-), SVH exam fee (€ 185,-), SVH course book (€ 50,-), day package (€ 40,-) and free access to the online practise exams. 

Social Responsibility online

The total costs for this home study course including SVH exam are € 359,00 per person. In this price is included: Course fee including unlimited access to practise exams (€ 99,-), SVH course book (€ 50,-), SVH exam fee (€ 185,-), administration costs SVH exam (€ 25,-). 

Above mentioned prices are excluded 21% VAT

When you already are in the possession of the SVH course book, you will get € 50,- discount