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BHV Basic Course 

Course duration
E-learning + 1 day (8:30 tot 16:00 uur)

4 locations

2x per month

BHV Exam

BHV Certificate

€ 245,-

Basic course BHV Blended Learning

Every employer should designate one of multiple employees as emergency response officers. In case an emergency happens during working hours, they are the ones who provide first aid until the emergency services arrive (for example fire brigade, ambulance or police). The fast and expert help of an emergency response officer can limit personal suffering and in many cases prevent damage.

In short

The course includes an e-learning and one course day. During the course you learn how to take measures within the company to prevent personal suffering and damage when something goes wrong, in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of yourself, your colleagues and your guests.

Study possibilities

There are two possibilities to participate in the Basic Course BHV, in order to come in possession of the certificate:

  • Basic Course BHV Blended Learning: this is a combination of an e-learning and one course day from 8.30 am till 4 pm. We organize this course once or twice a month on various locations in the Netherlands.
  • Inhouse Basic Course: the basic course can be organized on your own location, on a date of your preference. This is possible from 6 participants onwards. The participants conclude the theory though an e-learning and the course day

Target groep

The basic course is destined for employees within your company who have been designated as emergency response experts. To participate you must be at least 18 years old.

Inhouse Basic Course BHV 

When there are multiple employees who have to be trained to become emergency response expert, it is possible to organise this course on your own location. For more information about the possibilities and costs you can contact us though an Inhouse form