HACCP Food Safety Video Training

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4 - 6 hours

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95 % - 100%

Gabriëlla Café video trainer
Gabriëlla Café - Directeur HOC

"Ik don't like teaching, I do like entert(r)aining"

For more than 25 years, I have been providing training to people who process and/or prepare food with great passion and pleasure.

In my opinion, enthusiasm, fun and humor are essential in training. Learning is fun, valuable and it will take you further in your career, but a great trainer (with some self-mockery every now and then 😉) is indispensable in my opinion.

Are you looking for an interesting course for your employees where I teach them everything of the Code of Hygiene and food safety and where I ensure that they can immediately put the knowledge they have acquired into practice? Then register them for my HACCP video training!

HACCP Food Safety Video Training

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Valuable knowledge for your company

In addition to obtaining the HACCP Certificate, your employees gain a lot of knowledge that is valuable to your company. After following the Code of Hygiene Online Video Training, your employees will be able to set up a HACCP system or make improvements to the existing HACCP system. They know the basic conditions and process steps from the Code of Hygiene for the Catering and Hospitality Industry and how to apply them in your company. In addition, people are more aware of the importance of good food hygiene and food safety.
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Little space in your schedule? Study in own time & pace

You don't have to schedule your employees a whole day off. Employees can decide where and when they study and on which device; laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. Employees have access to all videos for two years, so even after completing the training they still have access when they start working with HACCP in practice.
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Suitable for every level and age

Our youngest student is 16 years old and the oldest is 84 years old. Without (pre)education or with an MBO/HBO education. Also very suitable for employees with dyslexia, who have difficulty learning or who find it difficult to sit still all day in a classroom course.

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No travel time and travel costs

The entire Code of Hygiene Video Training and also the HACCP Test are completely online. So you don't have to reimburse travel time and travel expenses.
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Contact the video trainer

Does your employee have questions or need (extra) help? Our video trainer will contact your employee by telephone or email to answer this question!

Student experiences....

Awesome!! Perfect!! Great!!!

Awesome!!! The video training is with English subtitles. And the test can also be taken in English. Gabriella explains it very nicely and clearly. The way you walk through the modules with Gabriëlla makes this a very nice course. Which also gave me a high score. Gabriella herself also called me personally to congratulate me. Gabriella you are a superstar. Thank you for this fun and very instructive Haccp course you gave me. 


Very good experience

Very good experience, first of all help desk is amazing, if you send them a question they call you back in a very short time to explain. The book is very easy to understand and videos are very nice, you may find something is not on the book! Gabriella is amazing so completing all videos was funny and interesting. I'll certainly go for more diplomas as soon as possible

Eleonora Betteti.

The training is above all my expectations

I learned a lot and it was very interesting and very also entertaining ! Gabriëlla Café the trainer not only has a wealth of knowledge, but she has a charisma and sense of humor that keeps you captivated during the training. Also great production and love the bloops on the beginning of the videos, very nice touch ! Highly recommended.

Vanderlei - Brazuca Food

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HACCP Video Training


€ 369,-
€ 335,-
Cursus in het Engels
Including tuition, teaching materials, registration costs, certification costs, excl. VAT.

HACCP Video Training


€ 309,-
€ 285,-
Horecacursus in het Nederlands
Including tuition, teaching materials, registration costs, certification costs, excl. VAT.

Need more information?

HOC Video Academy

After receiving the registration and payment, the account for access to the HOC Video Academy will be activated and your employees will receive an invitation to participate in the video training on the same (working)day.

The video training is in Dutch with English subtitles and consists of 17 chapters. There are knowledge tests during the training so that your employees can test whether they have already mastered the knowledge.

Watching the entire video training takes 4 - 6 hours and the training can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile. So your employees can learn wherever and whenever they want and the videos can be viewed as often as they want.

The costs for (1 year) access to the Video Academy of € 250,- are included in the total costs.


Code of Hygiene

The teaching material, the official Code of Hygiene for the Catering and Hospitality Industry, will be sent to your employees by post on the same (working)day after receiving the registration and payment.

The teaching material consists of basic conditions and process steps that are described in detail. It is not a textbook but more of an instruction book that can be used in practice.

The cost of this teaching material is €50,-* and is included in the total costs.

* If your employees already have the teaching materials, they will of course not be charged.


Video Training Content

De Online Video Training Code of Hygiene is in Dutch with English subtitles and consists of 17 modules. 

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Code of Hygiene
  • Module 3: Demonstrably Food Safe Operations
  • Module 4: Layout of working areas
  • Module 5: Training and instruction
  • Module 6: Personal hygiene
  • Module 7: Temperature control
  • Module 8: Cleaning
  • Module 9: Cross-contamination
  • Module 10: Pest control and containers
  • Module 11: Procurement
  • Module 12: Storage of products
  • Module 13: Preparing and presentation
  • Module 14: High risk products
  • Module 15: Bar en hygiene
  • Module 16: Extras
  • Module 17: HACCP Code of Hygiene Test

The training takes approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the learning pace of your employees. Our advice: take your time! A video training can be paused and viewed multiple times.


If your employees have any questions while watching the videos, they can ask these questions in the Video Academy. Depending on the question, it will be answered by e-mail or Gabriëlla will personally contact your employees by telephone!

The intensity of support is entirely in the hands of your employees. Even if your employees ask questions 25 times, we are happy to offer this service (and free of charge)!

Hoe ziet het examen eruit?


At the end of the Code of Hygiene Video Training, your employees will find the HACCP Test. They can also take this test in their own time, wherever and whenever they want. They do not have to go to a physical (exam) location for this.

The HACCP Test consists of 30 multiple choice questions (A,B,C). Your employees have obtained the HACCP Certificate when they have answered at least 18 of the 30 questions correctly.

The HACCP Certificate will be sent to your employees by post within a maximum of 2 (working)days.

The certification costs of €35,- are included in the total costs.

More experiences...

Well done!

Classes very well explained and humorous, I didn't even realize it was 4 hours watching

Leonardo - Wondr Experience 

HACCP Certification

Excellent lesson & training provided by Mrs. Gabriella. Easy to adopt & pleasant for the student to learn. I have really enjoyed the lessons & training. Looking forward to proceed for the next one.

Georgios Kostis

HACCP online course.

I took a HACCP online course here. The lesson content is interesting and easy to understand.The lessons are not too long on each topic but you get all the things you need to know. I highly recommend.

P S. 

Let your employees obtain the HACCP Certificate!

If you register your employees today, you will receive an automatic confirmation in your email immediately after registration. Registrations will be processed immediately on working days between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM.

We will be happy to work on the logistics and organization for you so that we can relieve you of your worries!