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HACCP Food Safety Course

Course duration
1 day (10:00 am till 4:00 pm)

2 locations

6 x per year


HACCP Food Safety

Course fee
€ 335,-

HACCP Food Safety Course 

English HACCP Course (Food safety) in 1 day

When you are working in the hospitality industry and you serve food to your guests in The Netherlands, you will need to comply with the law (which is called in Dutch) 'Warenwet'. This law requires that you prepare and serve food safely. Furthermore you are obligated to work according tot the Code of Hygiene. After taking this course you know exactly what your work-related responsibilities are, how to take care of food safely and how to fill out the registration forms correctly. 

HACCP Food Safety Certificate

At the end of this course you will take the HACCP Food Safety Test. This test contains 30 multiple choice questions and takes 30 minutes. When you pass the test, you will receive the HACCP Food Safety Certificate directly at the course location. This certificate proves you have succesfully participated in the course and know all about food safety, as you are obligated to by Dutch law. 

HACCP Food Safety study oppertunities

There are two possibilities to join the HACCP Food Safety course including HACCP Test: 

  • HACCP Food Safety Course (classical)1 day course from 10:00 am till 3:15 pm with shortly after the HACCP Test till 4:00 pm. 
  • HACCP Food Safety Home Study: Home study course which consists of two lessons and the HACCP Test. To receive the HACCP Certificate, you must hand in all homework lessons to your teacher and the final test must be assessed positively.

Target Audience

This course is suitable for entrepreneurs, supervisors and employees working in the hospitality industry or in the catering business. When working in any other organisation where food is being served to guests (like a community centre, health care institution or sports association) you will need this HACCP Food Safety knowledge as well. 

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-requisites requirements for this course. We do advise you to make use of the book Code of Hygiene for the hotel and catering industry. 

Course topics
  • Training and instruction
  • (Personal) Hygiene
  • Temperature control
  • Cleaning
  • Cross-contamination
  • Pest control
  • Food waste
  • NVWA check

Contact us to apply: 085- 202 66 66