Social Responibility Video Training

Little time and still well prepared for the SVH exam

Course duration

3 - 4 hours


5 to 6 days per week

Exam locations

18 locations in The Netherlands


SVH Exam Social Responsibility


'SVH Diploma Sociale Hygiëne'

Success rate

90% - 95%

Gabriëlla Café video trainer
Gabriëlla Café - video trainer

"Ik don't like teaching, I do like entert(r)aining"

For more than 25 years, I have been providing training with great passion and pleasure to people who serve or sell alcohol and who must obtain the 'SVH Diploma in Sociale Hygiëne' for the Alcohol License.

In you ask me, enthusiasm, fun and humor are essential in during a training. Learning is fun, valuable and it will take you further in your career, but a great trainer (with some self-mockery every now and then  😉) is indispensable in my opinion.

If you are looking for an interesting course for your employees where I teach them a lot and prepare them quickly so that they can confidently take the SVH computer exam and pass it the first time, then register them for my video training!

Social Responsibility Video Training

Nabespreking inhouse cursus

Get your alcohol permit back in order quickly

We achieve the highest success rate with the Social Responsibility video training. The success rate is between 90% and 95%. There is a good chance that your employees will pass the exam the first time and you can quickly add them to your Alcohol Permit.
In 9 out of 10 cases, people who do not obtain the SVH Diploma in one go have not (completely) followed the video training or are not (yet) sufficiently proficient in the English language.

Nabespreking inhouse cursus

Little space in your schedule? Study in own time & pace

You don't have to schedule your employees a whole day off. Employees can decide where and when they study and on which device; laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile. The videos can also be viewed multiple times. While you cannot 'rewind' the trainer in a Crash Course Social Responsibility, they can with this training.
Nabespreking inhouse cursus

Suitable for every level and age

Our youngest student is 16 years old and the oldest is 84 years old. Without (pre)education or with an MBO education. Also very suitable for employees with dyslexia, who have difficulty learning or who find it difficult to sit still all day in a classroom course.

Nabespreking inhouse cursus

The SVH Social Hygiene exam easily fits into your schedule

Employees can schedule the SVH Social Hygiene exam themselves, 5 to 6 days a week, at one of the 18 exam locations and at several times a day. So you don't have to schedule your employees a whole day off to take the SVH Social Hygiene exam.
Nabespreking inhouse cursus

Contact with video trainer

Does your employee have questions or need (extra) help? Our video trainer will contact your employees by telephone or email to answer this question!

Nabespreking inhouse cursus

Valuable knowledge for your company

Your employees not only obtain the 'SVH Diploma in Social Hygiëne', they also gain knowledge that is valuable to your company. After following the training, they are more aware of a hospitality formula and its importance, they can get started with your house rules and they know how to sell 'No' in a professional manner to guests or how to start a conversation with a guest who violated the rules.

Student experiences....

HOC social responsibility online course

Recommend this course (I did the English version). The whole course is short - under 4 hours with content well structured and broken down into easily digestible mini topics. For each topic the communication and information shared is concise and clear, rather than being an overwhelming information overload. The course teacher is also good humoured and generally engaging which also makes it enjoyable!

Leonora- Arredondos 


The training videos were very effective. I spent an afternoon going through the provided materials and notes, and that was enough support for me to pass the exam. The terms in the subtitles were translated accordingly along with the terminologies applied in the actual exam, and that's how you know the efficiency of the English course. I also got very fast and heartwarming customer service during and after all the processes.


Great videos!

Very helpful for the exams. Better than having to read the book. I started with the book and got bored fast but Gabrielas videos were very helpful and easy to follow! My experience to the examination centre was also good ! Helpful and polite employees and friendly environment. You can have a coffee before your exams! Overall highly recommended!

Eleni - Sircle Collection

Convinced? Register your employees now!


Social Responsibility on video


€ 499,-
€ 445,75
Cursus in het Engels
Including tuition fee, SVH textbook, unlimited online mock exams, registration fees, SVH exam fees, KHN member discount, excl. VAT.

Need more information?

HOC Video Academy

After receiving the registration and payment, the account for access to the HOC Video Academy will be activated and your employees will receive an invitation to participate in the video training on the same (working)day.

The video training  is in Dutch with English subtitles and consists of 10 chapters, based on the SVH textbook. There are 5 knowledge tests during the training so that your employees can test whether they have already mastered the knowledge.

Watching the entire video training takes 3 to 4 hours and the training can be viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile. So your employees can learn wherever and whenever they want and the videos can be viewed as often as they want.

The costs for (1 year) access to the HOC Video Academy of € 195,- are included in the total costs.


SVH textbook

The official SVH text book Social Responsibility will be sent to your employees by post on the same (working)day after receiving the registration and payment.

The SVH text book consists of 10 chapters and the SVH Social Hygiene exam is based on this teaching material.

The cost of this theory book is €60,-* and is included in the total costs.

* If your employees already have the teaching materials, these costs will of course not be charged.


Video Training Content

De Online Video Training Social Responsibility is in Dutch with English subtitles and consists of 11 modules. 

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Social Responsibility
  • Module 3: Dealing with guests
  • Module 4: Rule enforcement
  • Module 5: Risk behaviour in rule enforcement
  • Module 6: Discussion models
  • Module 7: Alcohol
  • Module 8: Drugs
  • Module 9: Tobacco
  • Module 10: Gambling
  • Module 11: Safety provisions

The training takes approximately 3 to 4 hours, depending on the learning pace of your employees. Our advice: take your time! A video training can be paused and viewed multiple times.


If your employees have any questions while watching the videos, they can ask these questions in the Video Academy. Depending on the question, it will be answered by e-mail or Gabriëlla will personally contact your employees by telephone!

The intensity of support is entirely in the hands of your employees. Even if your employees ask questions 25 times, we are happy to offer this service (and free of charge)!

Extra mock exams

After scheduling the exam, your employees will also receive an extra login code for the Social Responsibility mock exams in 'My HOC'. This test exam database, consisting of 500+ exam questions, prepares your employees extra well to take the official SVH exam with even more confidence.

Hoe ziet het examen eruit?

SVH computerexam

In the invitation email, your employees will receive a personal booking code to schedule the exam, where and when it suits them.

The SVH Social Responsibility exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions (A, B, C). Your employees have obtained the 'SVH Diploma  Sociale Hygiene' when they have answered at least 29 of the 40 questions correctly. The result will be announced immediately afterwards on the computer screen.

The registration fee of €25,- and the costs for the SVH computer exam of €195,- are included in the total costs.

Op welke locatie horecacursus

Exam locations

Your employees can schedule the SVH Social Responsibility computer exam at one of the 18 computer locations in the Netherlands. The exam can be scheduled 5 to 6 days a week at multiple times per day.

Your employees are therefore completely free to schedule the exam whenever their agenda and that of your organization allows it.

More experiences...

Video training well worth it!

The video training covered very accurately what would be required to get you through the exam. Touched on all the subject topics in good balance. One naturally needs to apply common sense and logic from the training videos in hand with the book however the videos make everything align much easier and hence the exam in my opinion was easy to manage and pass. Two days full study with the videos and reference to the book.

Roberto Pucciatti

Sociale hygiene in English

I've done online social responsibility course. Videos contain a lot of information and are presented by Gabriella in clear and funny way, included real life example, what helps you understand it better. Contact with HOC was also really good. When I had some questions, they replied within few hours. I received also textbook in English to study before my exam. For me online course was better option, because I could study when I had time and combine it with work.

Alicja - De Golfslag

Top video course

Really a very well explained course, Gabriella's videos are clear and concise, a great help and a great support, I could not have passed the test without her help. A well deserved 5 stars

Chef Joshua Enzolaia - Loft

Let your employees obtain the SVH Diploma!

If you register your employees today, you will receive an automatic confirmation in your email immediately after registration. Registrations will be processed immediately on working days between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM.

We will be happy to work on the logistics and organization for you so that we can relieve you of your worries!